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So Vegas…we had so much fun. We went to container park and found some awesome gifts made by local artists. ..I was bummed we didnt go there for food but noticed the sign while eating. My husband jumped off the stratosphere cause yeah I think he is crazy….he said it was fun like a zip line ride (yeah right except strait down not sitting on your butt)! He was actually a little disappointed becaise it was slower than he thought! We ate at Picasso on our anniversary (in the Bellagio) and spent more money on food than ever! It was insane but amazing. They gave us a Windows seat which my husband requested and we watched 4 or so rounds of the fountains it was so beautiful! We saw Chris Angel. ..completely insane and I was worried I would have nightmares but also completely amazing. We went to Jubilee our first night in town and that was also amazing. The story was a little lame but the dancers unbelievable. The wynn has gorgeous flower displays and the Bellagio gardens were wonderful too. The only complaint was the cigarette smoke it was really hard for me. Due to my asthma even with taking my inhaler I actually lost my voice Saturday from all the second hand smoke. I almost have it completely back today and we have been home 3 days! Anyway awesome time lots of good memories for our 15 year anniversary! Now to pay off the freaking credit card… Lol this is why we only have one though!


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Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.
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