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havekidslaughmore thanks….fingers crossed so far so good he has held down about 12 oz of water (which by the way is super scary when I think of it) since 5:00ish. Hoping for sleep….I put towels on the floor from his bed to the door lol so he wont get the carpet again if he does throw up….hoping that means because I’m so smart he wont but who knows.

Sick of vomit….

I am so sick of vomit and carpet. I miss my house in Maine that had all hardwoods it was so easy to clean.. right now the family room has a blue Gatorade stain and my oldest’s bedroom has rootbeer stains on it :-( I’m just grateful my husband is home to help. I have washed six tons of laundry and I’m just starting on towels which are pretty much non existent at this point. We are all just exhausted. …except the little one who slept through all of it!

Being really sick is so rough on the body….especially when you are “little”

Today will be for cleaning/disinfecting the house and washing six tons of clothes and possibly a nap. My oldest was up getting sick most of the night…luckily I noticed the signs and had him take off his headgear. …unfortunately he didn’t realise why I had him take it off and caught the carpet on the way to the bathroom :-( our boys don’t get sick like this often (the last time for my oldest… he was 5) and they have both taken turns since the move :-(

What I have been up to lately the picture version:

Today we went into D.C. and walked around the basin (21,793 steps and 8+ miles for the day) we stopped at (pic 1) the Jefferson memorial, (pic 2) the MLK memorial, and (pic 3) the FDR memorial my little one is in this pic with FDR’S dog because he LOVES dogs. The boys and I had not been to any of these places so it made for a cool day…my husband and his cousin had so they got to play tour guide.

(Pic 4) my husband celebrated a birthday…in another state again this year. We made/ate some tasty cupcakes before he went away though.

(Pic 5) we dealt with our house in Maine this week that was broken into while our tenants were away for a weekend…replaced three doors and had deadbolts added to all exterior doors….which shouldn’t be necessary, this is very small town Maine where everyone knows everyone which means they probably knew the person who did it….if not we do which sucks even more.

(Pic 6) a blanket I am making(…knitting) for a pay it forward gift that I have actually this week set aside for a time sensitive baby gift…blanket and booties

(Pic 7) two of my loves….my niece (my younger sisters daughter) and my nephew (the sister who was born just after me..her son….the one who has chronic kidney disease). I miss being close to them….and I love that he closes his eyes for a kiss.

(Pic 8) my oldest’s palate expander….we finally have headgear straightened out and the assistant that helped got calla lillies and a thank you card from us(me) for turning our (my)week around…. (house and headgear in one week) and it made her day…she called to say thank you and said they were her favorite flower. …that made my day. We are done turning the key….he is wearing the headgear until at least June 2…he already has a hole in his palate :-( a little smaller than a pea…I’m hoping it won’t get any bigger and guessing it will.

(Pic 9) baseball….my little one playing catcher…his favorite positions are catcher, pitcher, and first base…after that he prefers any infield positions to outfield. I love watching him play….I love watching both my boys do the things they love.

All in all a busy crazy week full of the good the bad and the ugly….but in retrospect things could have been worse…all has been fixed or figured out and this weekend so far has been relaxing and fun. My stress level has dropped dramatically and that is a good thing because by Wednesday night I wasn’t sure I would make it through the week without checking myself into a spa….insane asylum. …you know whatever you want to call it because either would have done the trick ;-)


i love these balloons. Reminds me of being a kid in San Diego. 

I am terrified of heights but this is on my bucket list. I can’t imagine how beautiful it would be to ride in a hot air balloon.


i love these balloons. Reminds me of being a kid in San Diego. 

I am terrified of heights but this is on my bucket list. I can’t imagine how beautiful it would be to ride in a hot air balloon.