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Time Management!

I really dislike it when people waste my time.  I am a Mom a Wife and a Student….my husband is on frequent business trips my kids and the dog need me….don’t schedule something with me for a set time, take 45 extra minutes to set up and get things organized while I sit their waiting watching/listening FUMING that not only do my kids tuck themselves in bed tonight while I wait on my computer for you to get your stuff together for a class YOU signed up to teach and YOU set up the times for!!!!  Seriously…your time may not be valuable but mine is….my little one wanted me to read to him…I couldn’t I had to listen to my professor shuffle papers, scan documents and repeatedly apologize for not being ready for his time slot!!!  My oldest made himself dinner (he is 10…it was cereal but he did it) worked on his homework, kept the dog quiet while I was on this conference call waiting….just waiting.   I am so frustrated…two weeks in a row I feel like I have wasted 1+ of my night that I could have been studying or spending time with my family.  I have other responsibilities, other commitments…I make time and I am prepared for my class.  At one point I walked away for 5 min came back and they were still discussion something completely irrelevant. 

Ok…rant over…Thank you for letting me vent…

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